Here it is quarter to one in the morning. I’m faced with the reality that yet another couple of months have gotten away from me on my Wuss World book writing project.

No end to procrastination

As I was filling out my time log today, I was reminded that the very next thing that was sitting on my to do list was to get the photos together for my Wuss World book and get them to Jennifer Paone at The Production House in Keene NH. Seems like it was just days ago when I told Jennifer that I was hoping to get the pictures sent to her that weekend. Just days ago was actually over a month ago back on December 4th!

So, I once again found myself writing to Jennifer apologizing for the delay. I let her know that hopefully I can get that done in the morning.

Thankfully, she is very patient with me. She tells me she has plenty of work to do – which I believe – as she is a great videographer. Or at least I hope she is actually patient with me (haha). I told her when these are done, maybe I’d take her out to eat someplace nice!