It’s the morning of January 17th and it is now 2023! I’m faced with the reality that it has been a little over four years since getting my idea about Wuss World and grabbing the domain for my Wuss World book writing project.

Still No End to Procrastination

At least I can say that I sent off my photos for my Wuss World book and got them to Jennifer Paone at The Production House in Keene NH. Still seems like it was just days ago when I sent them to her. Just days ago was actually last August – about five months ago!

The holdup on my end has mostly been actually writing the chapters for the book. Life keeps getting in the way. And my life has never been a boring one. Unavoidable family issues dominated this month. Work has always been getting busier and busier. I just have to schedule in some time to devote to the pieces I can actually get done!