A little over a week ago I mentioned  that I finally got the Wuss World photos to Jennifer Paone.

The Wuss World book videographer

Jennifer Paone an incredible videographer who owns and operates The Production House in Keene, NH. I’ll remind you again, for those interested, that Jennifer can be reached at 603-209-1321 or emailed at jennifer@theprohouse.com. Jennifer is creating my Wuss World promotional and informational video. She has been waiting on me to supply photos for the project.

When smaller is always better

In a most typical geek-like fashion, I sent the file containing my photos off to her in a .rar file instead of a .zip file.

This morning, I received a message from Jennifer indicating she could not open the .rar file. Jennifer offered to have me make them available to her using Dropbox. I find Dropbox more clunky to deal with than just dumping the folder I had the photos in on my workstation into a .zip file.

My original thinking was that storing the files in .rar format provided a little smaller Wuss World file than a .zip format would have. But I should have realized that using a .zip file is easier for most individuals receiving it.

A .zip archive file can be unzipped directly in most Windows and even Linux machines. I think that has been the case since at least Windows XP and perhaps even earlier. No additional software is required to unzip .zip files – whereas .rar files in the Windows environment require additional software.

So, once again, the Wuss World photo files are off to my videographer!