I am so embarrassed about how long it has taken to get the Wuss World photos to Jennifer Paone, an incredible videographer who owns and operates The Production House in Keene, NH (for those interested, Jennifer can be reached at 603-209-1321 or emailed at jennifer@theprohouse.com) for the Wuss World promotional and informational video. In my message to Jennifer I described this process being akin to someone deciding to clean out an attic. You know: when you are figuring you would do it RIGHT – by organizing everything as you proceed and so on.

Organizing and perusing materials

Anyway, that organizing got really crazy! Perusing all my photos ended up leading me down the rabbit hole of writing numerous articles about the many vacation and business trips my wife, Susan Oropallo, and I have taken.

Directly as a result of looking through old photos, I ended up writing dozens and dozens of articles on computer software and hardware, fixing computers, doing webwork, traveling, and on and on. Further time was spent posting all those articles in my various blogs and websites.

Photos finally off to videographer

All that being said, finally, I got the long awaited photos together in one place that may be incorporated into the video sent off to my videographer, Jennifer Paone! My apologies, Jennifer! I definitely owe her a night out to dinner at a place of her choosing!