I am really excited, as we did video shoots today for Wuss World and one other video!

Video shoots done today

The video shoots were done by Jennifer Paone, a local videographer. She has done a couple other videos for CharlesWorks in the past. They are both viewable on you tube. You can click on them here: one is of me as the CharlesWorks owner talking about CharlesWorks and one is about Robin Snow talking about her 17th year working at CharlesWorks.

Jennifer does great work! She owns and operates “The Production House” at 100 Emerald St, Suite E, in Keene NH. She can be reached at 603-209-1321 or emailed at Jennifer@TheProHouse.com.

We had been set to get together a few days earlier but her scheduling was interrupted so she asked if wee could meet today instead. She had been planning to take the day off since it was her birthday! But she was willing to come by my office and do the video work then.

So we got the video shoot done for this project as well as another video shoot both today!

Lunch at the Waterhouse

Afterwards I took Susan (my wife), along with Robin Snow (CharlesWorks General Manager) and Jennifer Paone all out to lunch at the Waterhouse in Peterborough NH to have an informal lunch celebration of Jennifer’s birthday.